Color Palette (Main Window)

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Color Palette window is the main window of ICP. This window is automatically resizes when colors are added or removed.

Program title. Right click to access Main Menu.
Eye Dropper button. Click and drag this button to capture colors.
Colors you added. Click to open Color Properties window. Right click for options.

Main Menu

You can access main menu by right-clicking the programs title.

Eye Dropper opens Eye Dropper window. Drag the Eye Dropper button in the main form to capture colors.

Quick Color Palette displays web safe color palette and color spectrum.

Named Colors displays over 500 colors with names.

Windows Color Dialog displays the standart color selection dialog where you can enter custom RGB values.

HTML Quick Reference displays basic HTML tags.

Paste Color adds copied colors to the palette.

Copy Color Palette as displays a list of copying options. You can copy whole palette as a list of hex and RGB values, or as an image.

Save Color Palette as displays a list of saving options. You can save whole palette as a YS Elvan .cll file, or as an image.

Options displays a list of quick options. Click More Options to open Options window.

Help displays a list of support options.

Hide ICP minimizes ICP to tray. You can still use Global Hotkey to bring ICP to front.

Exit completely exits ICP. You can’t use Global Hotkey if you exit ICP.


Clicking on any color displays the Color Properties window. You can move your mouse over other colors to see their properties. This window also shows variations of that color (If you can’t see them, from Color Properties menu, select Show Variations) Learn more about Color Properties window.

Right-click on any color to display its menu. You can copy its value in different formats. To make a color web safe, click Make Web Safe. You can also click Remove from Palette to delete a color.

You can also reorder colors. Just drag and drop colors to the desired place.

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