Color Properties

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Color Properties window is displayed when you click on a color on the color palette. You can move your mouse over other colors to see their properties. You can click on the color values to copy to clipboard.

Tip: Right-click on the third color value and type a hex value. Press Enter to apply the change.

If the color displayed is not web safe, web safe warning becomes visible. Clicking on it will make the color web safe.

You can also see variations of the displayed color. From the Color Properties menu, select Show Variations to display them. Clicking on any variation will add it to the color list. You can also right click and copy color values.

Color Properties Menu

Click the menu button to see Color Properties menu.

Use Lighten, Darken, Saturate and Desaturate to change the displayed color in desired way.

If Show Variations is checked, a seven color lightness ramp will be displayed.

If Show Web Safe Info is checked, web safe warning will become visible when current color is not web safe.

If Auto Position is checked Color Properties window will position itself according to color palette window’s and other windows’ position on the screen.