Instant Color Picker (ICP) is only $19.95 USD.

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Why Instant Color Picker? What is the benefit?

ICP is a great color picker. Actually we -and our customers- think it is the best!

Auto positioning, flexible palette, auto coloring of test layouts, auto copy color codes and swatches, smart paste… Every feature of ICP is well thought and designed to save your time.

Unlike many others, our license agreement does not limit you to a single computer. You can install ICP on your work and home computers, plus you can install it on three computers in your home.

You will receive your license key immediately after your order, so that you can enjoy all the features of ICP freely.
After registiration, all the nag screens and limitations will be gone.

All of our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with ICP within 30 days of purchase, you will recieve a full refund.

Lifetime free upgrades and free technical support.

Is it safe to order Instant Color Picker online?

Orders are processed by ShareIt for us. The ShareIt order process is protected via a secure connection. All of the data entered on the protected pages is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. It is 100% secure.

What will happen after placing an order online?

You will receive a confirmation for your transaction immediately. You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail that will contain all of your order data including your invoice or receipt.

When will I receive my license key?

You will receive a license key to unlock ICP immediately after you place your order online.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes. If you are a teacher or a student, contact us from your .edu or .k12 email address for more information.

What about volume discounts?

We also offer volume discounts. Here are the prices:

Number of Users


2-9 $19.00 USD each
10-24 $18.00 USD each
25-49 $17.00 USD each
50-99 $16.00 USD each
100-199 $14.00 USD each
200-499 $13.00 USD each
From 500 $12.00 USD each

Why lifetime free upgrades?

Unlike some other software companies, we do not charge our customers for upgrades. This is because we’d like to create a long-term relationship with you.

Where can I download ICP?

If you have not already done so, please click here to open the download page and download ICP.

Can you list some features of ICP?
Advanced Eye Dropper
20-color flexible color palette
12 test layous for testing color combinations
Full keyboard support in Eye Dropper. You can use arrow keys to navigate to any pixel. Actually, you can use all features of Eye Dropper without a mouse!
You can export Test Layouts as images (PNG, GIF or BMP). This is a great feature for sharing your favorite color combinations.
List of named colors. More than 500 colors!
Web safe color palette and color spectrum
Quick access with global hotkey
Auto copy feature lets you copy color codes in one step
Custom color formats makes ICP compatible with any program!
Elegant and intuitive interface
Auto Position feature: Smart positioning of windows, so they don’t get in your way
Smart Paste: ICP can understand color codes in 7 different formats!
Ability to export colors as image files (PNG, GIF or BMP) or Photoshop ACO files
Ability to copy color palette as an image, or as text (Hex or RGB codes)
You can copy color values in any format! Default formats are RGB, HSL, HTML Hex, ActionScript, Delphi , VC++ and VB formats.
Quick Color Variations
Ability to lighten, darken, saturate or desaturate colors
You can zoom up to 8x in Eye Dropper
You can copy or save (PNG, GIF, JPG) magnified image
You can get single pixel color, 9 pixel or 25 pixel average
Color Comparison feature in Eye Dropper

And more! Buy now and experience them yourself. If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund.



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