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General Page

Stay on top of other windows: Check this if you want ICP to stay on top of other applications.

Start when windows starts: Check this if you want ICP to start when Windows starts.

Show main window when ICP starts: Check this if you want ICP to minimize to tray when it starts. Clear the checkmark if you don’t want to see ICP window when it starts.

Global Hotkey Page

Set the key combination to bring ICP to front. For example, if you want to assign CTRL+ALT+A as an hotkey, check CTRL and ALT, select the field next to them and press a key.

Auto Copy Page

If you select Auto copy color values when I pick a color, every time you add a color to the color palette, its color value will be copied to the clipboard. This reduces steps when working with other programs.

You can change the color value format that will be copied.

You can also copy color swatch – an image of the color you picked – by selecting Also copy color swatch as bitmap.

If you want ICP to capture and copy color values when you press the global hotkey, select Also copy when I press global hotkey.

Important: Please note that when Auto Copy is enabled, it will overwrite the data on the clipboard.