ICP Revision History

Instant Color Picker revision history.

ICP is now freeware.

Fixed: Start on startup bug on Windows Vista is now fixed.

Improved: Update checking system improved.

Minor changes.

Bug fixes for Windows Vista.

New: Named colors list containing 500+ colors.
New keyboard shortcuts: F10 for main menu, Shift+F10 for othermenus, F5 (twice) for Named Colors.
Improved: Eye Dropper now remembers last cursor position (When you pick color by draging the magnified image). This makes it easy to capture multiple colors.

Interface improvements.

New: Ability to reorder colors.
New: Swatches for Color Comparison in Eye Dropper.
New: Ability to export color palette as Photoshop ACO file.

Important Bug Fix: Incorrent hex code problem fixed.

Bug fixes. Recommended update.


New: Ability to change magnifier size.
New: Custom color formats. Ability to display custom formats in Eye Dropper and Color Properties.
Improved: Multi-monitor support in Eye Dropper.
New: Use mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out. Use CTRL + Mouse wheel to change magnifier size.
New: Keyboard shortcuts: F3 opens Options, F4 opens Eye Dropper, F5 opens Quick Color Palette, F6 opens Test Layouts.
New: Ability to save magnified image, test layouts, and color swatches as PNG or GIF files.
New: You can now pick colors from ICP’s palette using default Photoshop color picker.
New: CMYK and HSV color value support.
New: You can now enter Hex values directly. On the Color Properties window, right click the third color value.
Improved: You can now copy color value and color swatch at the same time.
Improved: You can now disable the option to capture colors when Global Hotkey is pressed.
Minor bug fixes and changes.

New: Use navigation keys to move around in Eye Dropper.
New: Keyboard shortcuts in Eye Dropper: +, -, CTRL+1, CTRL+2, CTRL+3, CTRL+G.
Improved: Ability to show web safe info in Eye Dropper.
New: Ability to save or copy test layouts as images.
Improved: Seperate color palette for each user of a computer. Other minor improvements.

New: Test layouts for testing color combinations.
Updated help documents, added “How to” section.
Minor improvements and bug fixes.


New: HTML quick reference
New: Quick Variations
New: Ability to lighten, darken, saturate and desaturate a color
New: Show/Hide grid on Eye Dropper
Fixed: Stay on top bug


New: Flexible interface, flexible color palette.
New: Store up to 20 colors.
Improved: Magnified image is now bigger.
New: Grid on magnified image.
New: Save or copy magnified image.
New: Save palette as color swatches.
New: Copy palette as color list.
Improved: Redesigned color swatch images.
Improved: Better global hotkey support.
Improved: Redesigned help documents.
Changed: Multi language support is dropped.


New Feature: Ability to get 3×3 or 5×5 average.
Changed the registration system: No need to download additional setup file.
Some minor improvements.
Minor bug fixes.


Bigger color palette.
New Feature: Quick Color Palette
New Feature: Paste Colors
New Feature: Multi Language Support
Improved: Eye Dropper
Some minor improvements.
Minor bug fixes.


Original release.